Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Several Months Wrap-up

Wow, where do I start. It's kinda hard to make posts when I go months in between each post. Well, I guess I'll just try to give everyone a quick & rather brief rundown of what's been going on with the Rodriguez Bunch. I will also post up a new slide show and maybe a little video.

The kids are doing great. These little boogers are growing like nothing I've seen before. If only we could keep a continually growing garden like the way that these two grow. If so, we'd have an abundance of great organic food to feed everyone with and that would be our answer to the so-called "stimulus." But our garden isn't growing as fast because we don't have as much time as we used to to put into it, hehee. Which is an okay things since our time is spent watching these two bundles form into their own persona.
Arianna & I have been doing swim lessons together. Man, this girl is fearless. We've always been swimming with her life vest on, but just before the classes started I took it off to see how she'd handle. That didn't slow her down one bit. Even without a life vest she is still wanting to just jump right in and try to swim across the deep end. I wonder if she gets that fearlessness from her daddy, hehee? Ari's also been loving riding her bike around as much as possible. We picked up this old-school retro Radio Flyer tricycle from our neighbors and she loves to just pedal around the merry go round on the back deck. This radio flyer is great because she can reach the pedals fine and pedal herself around, which makes the world of difference on our walks. Sue also takes Arianna to trampoline classes as well. Ari's been have fun with the balance beams and, of course, with jumping on the trampoline.
Cyrus has been getting around on all 4's lately and I think he'll be walking sooner than later. He gets around the house and yard really quickly and can pull himself up to most anything. It so cute wathcing him pull himself up onto the merry-go-round that we have and then have Arianna push him around in cirlces. Cyrus is also teething like crazy. His top teeth are coming in now and they're coming through hard. That has detoured some of his comfortably numb naps but he's getting through it like a champ. Here's a video I took today of the kids having a blast together on the merry-go-round. It's so awesome how much these two love each and get along.

Sue's been keeping super busy taking care of this incredibly fast-paced family of ours. I'm not sure how she keeps up with working, teaching these kids wonderful new things everday, taking care of herself, and still keep all of our butts clean. Take about a wonderful person, mother, wife & being!!
As for me, as usual work probably takes up too much of my time, but not much we can do about that one. Along with work, and swim lessons, I've been going to school one night a week. I've been keeping up my grades in my class and so that's cool. I'm gonna take chemistry next term and so that will be a little funner, I'm sure, than that writing classes that I've been taking. Sadly, I probably won't be able to even begin with my engineering classes for atleast a year. I have to get all of the GE classes under my belt (AGAIN!) since most of my credits don't transfer over from ITT Tech.

UHmm lets see what else is there... The family went on a gorgeous 10 mile bike ride last weekend in the Gorge. The weather was great and the kids handled it pretty well. That was a nice treat on our day off together. Sue has been taking the kids to the library & indoor park almost everyday. Now that's it's really nice outside, those trips have been substituted with workouts up Mt. Tabor to play on the playground on the top of the hill. Summer's here and we've had a BBQ or two to welcome it.
Here are some of the random activities that have been keeping us busy on our weekends. This will help explain where some of the pictures were taken.
  • Mother's Day was not too long ago. Sue got all of our cards together to send otu with new photos to all you wonderful moms out there. And on Mom's Day, we went out for some good brunch at one of our favorite brunch spots Genies. After brunch and a family nap, we loaded the kids up and headed down to Elmo's Green Thumb concert. It took her a little while to warm, since she just woke up from a nap, but soon enough Arianna was having a blast and loving all of the characters running around. Besides me slacking in the flower department, we had a good Mother's Day.
  • Easter was another holiday spent since the last posting. Both of the kids and ourselves got completely spoiled with teeth-rotting goodness. I completely forgot how big of a candy holiday Easter is until this year. All of the grandparents and some of our family out here all sent us buckets and buckets and bucktes of candy. In fact, I think we still have some of it.
  • We went down south to Bauman's Farm for an earth day celebration they were having. We love heading down to this farm. It's a nursery, a farm, a playground, a petting zoo, and a flowering & landscapping sanctuary. They have a lot of really fun stuff for the kids to do in their playground and right next to that is their petting zoo. They have goats to feed, chickens clucking, lazy pigs, fluffy bunnies, horses to pet, and roosters making their sweet loud sounds. I highly recommend it to any of you NW readers with kids.
  • Some of the outdoor scenery photos are taken from the Rhodendron Gardens, nestled away right next to a golf course here in town. This is a wonderful flowering haven filled with ponds and ducks and a lot of flowering trees. If you've visited we've probably taken you there because it's a great way to enoy the many vibrant colors of our NW plant life.
  • Edgar, Lisa, & Rilen (sp?) are up in Seattle for some business and they'll be coming down here to hang out next weekend. That will be great to see them. They've been keeping up with yearly trios to the NW and it's great to be able to go camping with them and hangout. We'll post some pics after that.

You would think that now that we have a internet connection again and a WICKEDLY AWESOME new iMac that I'd be posting more on here. As always, I will try my hardest to keep up with it.

Here's another slide show of new photos. As always you can you go to our Picasa web albums page to see other photos.

We luv ya'lls so much and are hoping to get to take some sort of road trip this summer to try and visit as many of you as possible. Get a hold of us and let us know what's been keeping ya'lls busy. We'd love to hear from each & everyone of ya.

Tah Tah for now,
-The Rodriguez Bunch-

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Arianna's B-Day

Whooohhooo!!! Arianna's 2nd birthday is today. We're so lucky to have such an awesomely wonderful little girl. She sure is a firecracker but a gorgeous one at that. We've been blessed with great kids and I can't wait to post some photos of her party tonight. Hopefully they'll get posted sooner rather than later. We're having a get together tonight at our place to throw some cake in her face and let her run around with all the other youngens. It's gonna be a hoot. Sorry for those that don't live here and can't make it. Ari misses you and wishes that you can be here to celebrate with her.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Little
Arianna Brooklyn Rodriguez

Tah Tah for now,
-The Rodriguez Bunch-

Please accept my apologies

Long story short: I'm a douche bag that can't keep up with all the facets of our busy life, hehee.

Sorry for not posting in A LONG TIME on here. I don't have an excuse except for times are busy. We also don't have the internet at our house anymore and that cuts our interweb time down drastically.

Either way, we're all still here and doing well. - You should hear more about our lives soon -

Tah Tah for now,
-The Rodriguez Bunch-