Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pat's only getting younger.

Right after starting class @ OIT on Friday, I rode over to Lara & Pat's place to meet the rest of the Rodriguez bunch & help celebrate Pat's birthday with some friends. It was the first time Angela got to see Cyrus & the first time Greg & Ethan got to see him awake, hehe. It was so great to see everyone again that we hadn't seen in a little while. We all enjoyed some of the delicious flavor of different types of Saki from the world market & rocked out to a greatly random collection of sweet rock & metal songs, provided to us by YouTube and Pat's collection of digital music. Padilac also got himself some sweet new ink! I'll get some pics posted of that soon enough.

Have you seen these great vids:
A orchastrated cello cover of The Final Countdown

& Mike Patton ( of Faith No More, Fantomas, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom & the Dillinja Escape Plan fame) singing opera with the Metropole Orchestra

Tah Tah for now,
-The Rodriguez Bunch-