Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cyrus is Here!!!

It must have been some sort of fate but just an hour after the last post that I made Sue had called me at work saying that it has begun and that I need to head home soon. So that's how this week started. I went to work, got a call from Sue saying plan on it being this week because she's "got the feeling." I then made a blog post at lunch saying that Cyrus is getting closer & closer to being here, then an hour later I got another call from Sue saying that the contractions are happening often and heavier and that I need to get ready for this. Getting ready was the easy part. I finished what I was working on at the office, I got the team squared away and left my email message saying I'll be out of the office for at least a week. We called our midwives letting them know to get ready and then we called Lara. Lara watched Arianna while Sue & I were at the birth center. We could not have done this at all without the help of Lara.

--Dearest Lara, thank you so much!!--

Okay, so the birth. Cyrus gave Sue quite a struggle, especially compared to Arianna. Sue spent all evening in labor only to have her water break in the early hours of the morning. With Ari, Sue's water broke at home, we headed to the birth center, Sue went through the labor pains and then Ari was here. With Cyrus, Sue went through the labor pains for almost a day, the water broke and then that was only the half of it. After the water broke she had to go through another days worth of labor pains until Cyrus was ready to come out. Only to have Cyrus come out sunny-side up. Cyrus coming out sunny-side up was the reason for the long labor. For those that don't understand that terminology: sunny-side up just means that he was facing in the wrong direction. His head still came out first and so he wasn't breach or anything. He was just facing us when he came out rather than us seeing the back of his head which is the typical rotation of the baby. Even with that one down-side he was very alert and came to us in the water with his eyes wide open. We then got to rest with him at the birthing center for the full next day. He's super alert and seems to be such a happy & calm baby. hehehe but don't they all at the stage. His info:

Cyrus Jose Rodriguez
Born Wednesday, 08/27/2008 @ 1:45a.m.
6lbs. 6oz.
21" long

and looks a lot like his daddy, especially with his long toes & big feet
And as an additional side note; Cyrus is the first grandson of his generation of grand-kids & great grand-kids on the Rodriguez side of the family. I too was the first grandson for my generation. As for the Dougherty side, Cyrus is just one amongst many boys in the line of grand & great-grand kids.

Okay, well I think that about wraps up the birth story. We're all at home now and working at getting some rest. Sue is very happy to not be pregnant anymore and we're all so excited to finally get to hang out with this wonderful little boy. A few friends have stopped by to check out the little man and to help us out. It's been great since we have ourselves completely tied up with a 1.5 year old and a preemie new born. It's always nice to have family & friends stop by just so that we can either run errands or take a bath or cook food or just sit and rest. To all of our family & friends in the area, please feel free to give us a buzz, see what's going on and then stop on by to hang with the family.

Here's the online Photo album dedicated to the great shots that we're taking of the little guy:
(just click on the photo to be directed to the photo album)
Cyrus Jose Rodriguez

And a little slide show for ya'lls:

Sincerely Yours, with the newest addition of Cyrus,
The Rodriguez Bunch