Monday, August 25, 2008

We're Almost There!

We are ssssoooooo close right now. Sue's cramps & contractions have NOT subsided today. Lately they've been occurring at night time, but have gone away during the day. However, they're not going away today. So I think we're within a few days/hours now.

Our weekend- Not much going on. We cleaned up around the house quite a bit, which was nice. Sue banked in about 150.00 bucks worth of books. We took in the BOXES & BOXES of books that Sue's read and now she has an almost endless account to be able to trade books for a long time. While cleaning I took the drum sets over to Brandon's house, where Jon's staying. That's right ladies & gentleman, Jon (a.k.a. Theo Decks, Convex Pontifex, hELLEBORE) is BACK in Portland. He's been on a musical adventure in Minneapolis and we're so stoked to have him back here in Portland. Keep glued for show updates and what nots.
So I've cleaned out the boxes of books, the double drum sets and some other musical equipment. Now all I got to do is make another Goodwill run of the remaining junk and soon enough you might be able to see from wall to wall of our garage. Whoohhooo.

Aight, well I'm gonna finish up my little lunchtime posting here. Because I'm gonna try to get as much $h!t done here at work before Sue's water breaks. BAAM!!! Who knows, maybe next post will be of little Cyrus Jose Rodriguez.