Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh the Fun we're having!

Busy we have been & here's the update.

*Cyrus just refuses to stop growing so much. This little man has grown 2" in his first month & a half of life and is already over half the weight of Arianna. That's right folks, Cyrus weighs in a at lean & hefty 11lbs. 9oz. as of today! Little man is feeding well, growing like a sprout & doing great.

*Arianna is doing wonderful as well. She's been loving to color lately and has enjoyed coloring the wood floors many different colors of the Crayola crayon set.
Here's some video of Arianna having fun & cleaning up & indoor park:

*Sue's most definitely had her hands full with keeping up with Arianna and taking such great care of our big ol' boy Cyrus. She'll also be heading back to work next week and so that'll be another item thrown into the mix.

*I've started classes, well a class, at the Oregon Institute of Technology. I'm going back to school to get my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. I'm starting this term off with only one class to get me started. Which is nice since we've got a lot going on.

*Works work.

*While I was at a cyclocross race, the rest of the Rodriguez Bunch headed down to Oaks Bottom park to have fun with the Lux & Whalstrom families. D. Lux was in town having enjoying her vacation with kids & grand kids.

*And Cyclocross is in FULL effect!!! This topic is gonna require it's own post.

So with that being said...

-The Rodriguez Bunch-